Understanding Conflict Training



Intended for: managers/team leaders, those in leadership position or aspiring to one that wish to understand the cause and effect of team and personal conflict

Duration: 1 hour 55 minutes

Contents: The Understanding Conflict Training consists of 1 training session designed to describe the causes of conflicts, the pros and the cons in conflict and solutions to avoiding and diminishing its impact.

Session Objective
Understanding Conflict
  • What does conflict mean
Participants understand what conflict is
  • Positive and negative aspects
Participants understand the negative and the positive aspects of conflict
  • Why conflicts appear
Participants the evolution and causes of conflict
  • Minimizing conflict (for managers)
Participants learn how managers can reduce conflict
  • Avoiding conflict (for yourself)
Participants learn how they can avoid conflict


Buying this package will offer you the Trainer’s Notes for this session, Training Plan and PowerPoint Presentation.


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