Train the Trainers Program

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 Intended for: those who practice and want to improve their training skills, and for those who want to become trainers, professors, instructors.

Duration: 23hours

Contents: The Train the Trainers Preparation Program consists of 8 training sessions and 1 simulation designed to develop future trainers that poses the skills to plan, deliver and develop in an efficient training course.

Session Objective
Introduction in training
  • What is a trainer
Participants learn what a trainer is
  • Steps of a training
Participants learn what a training is and the steps in it
  • Trainer in me
Participants try to discover their personal drive(passion, motivation,future carrer, incentives, etc) for training
  • Learning Objectives
Participants set learning objectives for the entire sessions of Train the Trainers
Communication Skills
  • Clarifying the purpose
Participants understand why presentation skills are important
  • Communication components: Verbal, Nonverbal, Para verbal
Participants understand what Verbal, Nonverbal and Para verbal communications is
Audience Management
  • Knowing the audience
Participants will know why its important to know your audience
  • When we are confronting with questions
Participants will know how to handle questions
  • Difficult participants
Participants will know the types of difficult participants and how to handle each of them
Needs assessment
  • Analyzing the situation
Participants learn which are the steps in assessing a situation
  • Interview Exercise
Participants experience what they have learned in the objective above
  • Establishing objectives
Participants learn how to set objectives for a training
  • Setting Objectives Exercise
Participants experience what they have learned in the objective above
Preparing a session
  • The structure
Participants will know how a session outline is structured
  • Design of session outline
Participants will know how to design a session outline
  • Creating your own session Exercise
Participants will practice completing a session outline
Delivery Methods
  • Delivering
Participants will know how to prepare to deliver the information
  • Case-study Exercise
Participants will experience the pros and cons of a delivery method
  • Methods and instruments
Participants will know the types of methods and instruments to use in a presentation
  • Complete your Methods Exercise
Participants will know how to complete their session outline with methods
Debriefing and Q&A
  • Handling Questions and Answers
Participants know the basics of dealing with questions from the audience
  • Q&A Simulation Exercise
Participants practice a Q&A session
  • Debriefing
Participants know 1 debriefing technique
  • Rope Exercise
Participants practice debriefing
Evaluation and Feedback
  • Giving and receiving Feedback
Participants will know how receive and give feedback
  • Practicing Feedback
Participants will practice giving feedback
  • Evaluation of training
Participants will understand the steps and importance of evaluation
  • Evaluation Form
Participants will complete the evaluation form
Simulation of training Participants get experience by putting in practice the knowledge and competences learned in the past day sessions


This program consists of the Trainer’s Notes for these sessions, Training Plan, PowerPoint Presentation and Handouts for each session.

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