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Intended for: those who want to become efficient managers, team leaders, department heads, persons in middle/top management positions, members of any type of teams.

Duration: 6 hours 35 minutes

Contents: The Team Work Preparation Program consists of 3 training session designed to help managers, team leaders or any person aspiring to management position understand both the team dynamics but also the manager’s point of view and responsibilities.

Session Objectives
Building the Team
  • Definition of a Team
Participants understand what a team is
  • How does a team work
Participants understand the dynamics of a team
  • Steps in Team development
Participants learn the 4 steps if team development
  • Exercise
Participants experiment on different types of decision making
  • Effectiveness in decision-making
Participants learn the steps in taking effective decisions
  • What is “to delegate”?
Participants understand what delegation is
  • How to delegate
Participants know how to delegate tasks
  • Barriers and facilitators in delegating
Participants learn what makes delegation difficult and easy
  • Questions to ask yourself when delegating
Participants know what to ask themselves before delegating a task
  • Exercise
Participants learn their team roles
Effective Managers
  • Tips for effective managers
Participants learn tips & tricks for managers
  • Identifying eye movement exercise
Participants know how to interpret eye movement
  • Bono’s Six Thinking Hats exercise
Participants learn the 6 types of thinking


Buying this program will offer you the Trainer’s Notes for these sessions, Training Plan, PowerPoint Presentation and Handouts for each session.


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