Self Reflection and Vision Teambuilding Exercises



Intended for: team building activities based on self-discovery and personal development. Can be used for all age ranges  and various types of audiences, from corporate teams to NGOs and students participants.

Content:  The Self Reflection and Vision Teambuilding Exercises consists of 12 activities designed to help participants discover and reflect on their personal values, vision and goals in order to achieve personal and professional objectives.

Exercise Purpose
Drawing Forth Personal Vision To help you define your personal vision: what you want to create of yourself and the world around you.
What Is Your Magic? To reflect on the gift that we bring to the world and its people.
How We See Ourselves To find out more about how we see ourselves and how others see us.
Seven Lives To stimulate the imagination and stretch the mind about what is possible in our lives.
Checklist for Personal Values To help you reach a better understanding of your most significant values.
Illustrate Your Vision To add detail and excitement to our vision and give us an illustration that we can refer to often.
Cycling Back – Current Reality and Re-Vision To assist you to be able to revise your vision and keep it current and exciting for you.
Backing into a Vision to bring to the surface people’s feelings about their own levels of commitment or compliance.
I Want To… To brainstorm ideas about your future.
Enhancing Our Vision:

  • Letters
  • My Driving Force
  • Movie
A series of miniature exercises to help us to expand or build upon our sense of vision.


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