Presentation Skills Program



Intended for: those who practice and want to improve their communication and presentation skills, for public speakers, trainers, instructors, professors

Duration: 10 hours 30 minutes

Contents: The Presentation Skills Preparation Program consists of 3 training session and 1 simulation session designed to help those who want to improve their communication skills, the ability to speak in public, hold presentations or trainings.

Session Objective
1. Communication Skills
  • Definition of Communication
Participants understand what communication is
  • Communication versus Effective Communication
Participants understand what effective communication is
  • Types of Communication Barriers
Participants learn the barriers of communication
  • Exercise
Participants find out what type of listener they are
  • Skills for an effective communicator
Participants learn what empathy and assertiveness are
2. Presentation Skills
  • Preparation


Participants will know how to prepare to deliver the information
  • Instruments for presentation
Participants will know the types of instruments to use in a presentation
  • Habits to avoid
Participants will know what not to do during a presentation
  • Handling Q&A
Participants will know how to react to questions
3. Public Speaking
  • Communication components
Participants understand Nonverbal and Para verbal communications are
  • General Tips
Participant learn how to react to audience signals
  • Difficult Participants
Participants will know the types of difficult participants and how to handle each of them
4. Simulation of presentation
  • Simulation


Participants get experience by putting in practice the knowledge and competences learned in the past 3 sessions


Buying this program will offer you the Trainer’s Notes for these sessions, Training Plan, PowerPoint Presentation and Handouts for each session.

1 review for Presentation Skills Program

  1. Razvan V.

    “I have used Trainers Advice materials for a Presentation Skills session last week and it has helped me a lot. Firstly, the materials are extremely well structured. The pack includes a training plan, some notes for the trainer, handouts for the participants and a Power Point presentation and all of these are customizable for your company. The information these contain is very good documented. Plus, the session is built in such a way that it can be adapted to different objectives and to different personal styles, which is really helpful for the trainer.”

    Răzvan V., freelacer trainer

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