Personal Vision Training



Intended for: those interested in creating a life and vision statement; for those in search of a way of achieving their goals both personally and professionally

Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

Contents: The Personal Vision Training consists of 1 training session and Exercise Handbook for building a vision designed to help participants understand the importance of creating a personal vision and a plan to follow in order to fulfill one’s personal vision.

Session Objectives
Personal Vision
  • Why have a personal vision?
Participants understand why having a personal vision is important
  • Vision Elements Exercise
Participants define their vision elements
  • Personal Vision Statement
Participants learn what a vision statement is
  • Creating the statement Exercise
Participants define their vision statements
  • Writing your development plan
Participants learn what a development plan is
  • Developing the plan Exercise
Participants define their development plan


Buying this package will offer you the Trainer’s Notes for this session, Training Plan, PowerPoint Presentation and Handouts for the session. Extra bonus: we offer you the Exercise Handbook which comprises of 13 exercises for self-discovery and vision building.


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