Personal Goal Setting Training



Intended for: those having difficulty achieving their personal and professional goals, for those who are interested in their personal development by setting realistic objectives

Duration: 2 hours 35 minutes

Contents: The Personal Goal Setting Training consists of 1 training session designed to help participants understand the importance of setting personal goals and the process of achieving them.

Session Objectives
Personal Goal Setting
  • Why Goal Setting?
Participants understand why goal setting is important
  • Exercise
Participants learn what their values are
  • Goal Setting
Participants learn the process for goal setting
  • Writing them down
Participants set exact goals for different areas of their lives
  • Turning Goals into Action
Participants set SMART objectives for each goal
  • Challenges
Participants understand the obstacles they have to overcome to achieve their goals
  • What’s next?
Participants learn the 3 aspects to keep them on track for achieving their goals.


Buying this package will offer you the Trainer’s Notes for this session, Training Plan, PowerPoint Presentation and Handouts for the session.


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