Outdoor Team Activities



Intended for: team building activities based on team-work, cooperation and especially, on having fun. Can be used for all age ranges and various types of audiences, from corporate teams to NGOs and students participants.

Content: The Outdoor Team Activities consists of 17 exercises designed to help participants increase cooperation and team work while having fun by taking part in enjoyable, easy activities.


Water Games

1. Gladiators

2. Water Balloon Toss

3. Water Balloon Volley Ball

Obstacle Courses

4. Human Obstacle Course

5. Tilt

6. The Other Guy’s Obstacle Course

Races & Relays

7. Candle and Straw Relay Race

8. Candle Race

9. Centipede Relay

10. Checker Relay

Wide Games

11. Capture the Flag

12. Elephant Hunt

13. Merchants

14. Naval Combat

15. Smugglers and Spies

16. Bash the trainer

17. Bomb the Bridges


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