Job Interview Preparation Training



Intended for: those interested in applying for a job, those seeking to change their current work place, students, unemployed persons, employees looking to change jobs.

Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes

Contents: The Job Interview Preparation Training consists of 1 training session designed to help participants prepare to undertake a job interview, by offering them the necessary information to prepare and handle a job interview in the near future.

Session Objectives
Job Interview Preparation
  • Preparation before the interview
Participants know what steps to take before the interview
  • Body-language
Participants know how to act during an interview
  • Avoid these mistakes
Participants learn what to avoid during an interview
  • Handling questions
Participants learn the correct answers for interviews
  • Questions to ask your interviewer
Participants learn what they should be asking and why
  • How prepared are you for an interview test
Participants learn how prepared they are for an interview


Buying this package will offer you the Trainer’s Notes for this session, Training Plan, PowerPoint Presentation and Handouts for the session.


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