Facilitation Skills Program



Intended for: trainers, professor, instructors, any person in a teaching position, group managers, team leaders, project managers, division/department heads, any person in a top or middle management position.

Duration: 4 hours 40 minutes

Contents: The Facilitation Skills Program consists of 2 training sessions designed to help participants understand and obtain the skills necessary to facilitate a discussion, training, presentation, meetings and many more.

Session Objectives
Facilitation Skills
  • What is a facilitator?
Participants understand what facilitating is and what a facilitators role is
  • What makes a facilitator good?
Participants are aware of the qualities a facilitator must develop to achieve performance
  • Personal checklist for facilitators
Participants learn what to be aware about during facilitating
  • Handling participants
Participants learn how to deal with difficult participants
  • Tips & Tricks
Participants learn useful tips for facilitating
  • Facilitation instruments
Participants learn what instruments they can use in facilitation.
Facilitation in Meetings
  • Facilitator in a team
Participants understand what is a team facilitator
  • Role of the Facilitator
Participants understand the roles of a team facilitator
  • Behaviors in the group
Participants learn how to overcome difficult situations in a meeting
  • How to lead the group
Participants learn the steps in facilitating a meeting
  • Meeting Simulation Exercise
Participants put in practice their facilitating skills


Buying this program will offer you the Trainer’s Notes for the 2 sessions, Training Plan, PowerPoint Presentation and Handouts for the sessions./li


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