Debriefing and Q&A Training



Intended for: those who practice and want to improve their training skills, and for those who want to become trainers, professors, instructors.

Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes

Contents: The Debriefing and Q&A Training consists of 1 training session designed to offer participants the theoretical and practical knowledge and situations to be able to handle questions and create themselves questions for future trainings.

Session Objective
Debriefing and Q&A
  • Handling Questions and Answers
Participants know the basics of dealing with questions from the audience
  • Q&A Simulation Exercise
Participants practice a Q&A session
  • Debriefing
Participants know 1 debriefing technique
  • Rope Exercise
Participants practice debriefing


This package consists of the Trainer’s Notes for this session, Training Plan and PowerPoint Presentation.


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