Building the Team Training



Intended for: those who want to become efficient managers, team leaders, department heads, persons in middle/top management positions, members of any type of teams.

Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes

Contents: The Building the Team  Training consists of 1 training session designed to offer information and practice for building a performing team, understanding how a team is formed and the most effective ways to take decisions in a team.

Session Objectives
Building the Team
  • Definition of a Team
Participants understand what a team is
  • How does a team work
Participants understand the dynamics of a team
  • Steps in Team development
Participants learn the 4 steps if team development
  • Exercise
Participants experiment on different types of decision making
  • Effectiveness in decision-making
Participants learn the steps in taking effective decisions


Buying this package will offer you the Trainer’s Notes for this session, Training Plan and  PowerPoint Presentation.


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