business team-building

5 training activities to use in a business training

The business environment may prove difficult to approach in terms of participating in a team building and engaging in games and activities. In the following article, we shall give examples of activities that are both suitable and fun for this type of audience. 1.       Our Badge Divide the participants in small teams and provide them […]

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ideas for closing training session

8 ideas to close your training session

The end of your presentation is one of the most important moments in training because participants usually remember what you said last and it’s the way you create the closing that defines their future attitude. Nervously smiling and stating „Well, that’s it” will turn out to be a mistake and a missed opportunity to reinforce […]

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checklist for effective feedback

10 steps in giving effective Feedback

Feedback is an effective tool to use in different context, highly useful in training activities, team buildings but also organizational teams and business. The whole purpose of offering feedback is to help people change by reinforcing positive behaviors or improving negative ones. The list below will help you structure your feedback for any situation that […]

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Water Balloon Volley Ball team-building

3 fun activities for outdoor teambuilding

Holding a teambuilding outdoor gives you the opportunity to expand and engage in activities that require space and not worrying in getting your hands dirty. Here you can find three fun exercises that that will surely put a smile on the participants’ faces. 1. Spider web The aim of the game focuses on problem solving […]

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conflict management

4 teambuilding exercises for acceptance and conflict

Each teambuilding exercise fulfills a certain need or needs that should be assessed prior to the event and the training activities should be chosen in order to fulfill these specific gaps. The teambuilding exercises described below are designed for teams that want to improve their tolerance and acceptance towards each other and diminish conflicts. 1. […]

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communication in team-building

3 fun teambuilding exercises to improve communication

1. Birthday line Participants are asked to stand up and form a line that has to represent chronologically the months of the year based on their birthdays. At one end, the line should start with a member born in January and end with a member born in December. The one rule they have to follow […]

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failure in training

How to handle worst case scenarios in presentations

Case 1: You have 15 minutes for presentation instead of 45 you planned initially No matter how fast you talk you won’t be able to go through the whole material. Select only key messages from each part of the presentation and keep your eyes on the watch. Limit the information but make sure it follows […]

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Training room arrangement

Training advice on how to choose and arrange your presentation location

Knowing how to choose and arrange the room where you are about to deliver your training material is an important aspect that should be taken into consideration and included in every session outline based on the specific and needs of every course materials. 1. A training room that is too big for the number of […]

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Training Ready To Be Delivered

Welcome to Trainers Advice!

Welcome to Trainers Advice Blog! We are proud to launch this great place where you can find the training resources you need. We created in order to provide affordable training resources for trainers, such as: training plans, trainers notes, course materials, games for training, employee training programs and many more. We want to give […]

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