Books on training

Books are our first and main source of learning, offering us the material needed for our training. Because we are interested in your development, we created this section to recommend books on the topics of training and team building that will add value to your preparation. In order to facilitate the process, we also included the links to obtaining these books if you are interested in purchasing them.




The Diversity Training Activity Book by Jonamay Lambert and Selma Myers




Telling Training’s Story by Robert O. Brinkerhoff





 The Black Book of Training Secrets by Christian Thibaudeau





Training Games by Steve Sugar and Jennifer Whitcomb




 The Training Design Manual by Tony Bray




Future Training by James S. Pepitone




 Transforming Training by David Mackey and Sian Livsey




Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Training by Kaye Thorne and David Mackey





Leading a Learning Revolution by Frank J. Anderson, Christopher R. Hardy and Jeffrey Leeson



Evidence-Based Training Methods by Ruth Colvin Clark


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